Function and application of the principle of reflective vests

Time:2019-11-20 12:00:00

Reflective clothes can also be referred to as the reflective vest, reflective clothing. Reflective clothes styles all varieties are the police, traffic, road, co management, and security.Reflective clothes role:

Reflective clothes reflective vest is the use of reflective material embedded in theproduction of main parts of clothes or vest and is used for personal safety equipment at night or adverse weather conditions, the outdoor work in better protection of staff.

Classification of reflective vests:

According to the reflective clothing styles are divided into: reflective vest,reflective T-shirt (POLO), reflective jackets, pants, reflecting.

According to the use of reflective vests are divided into: reflective raincoat,sanitation workers reflective clothing, apparel, reflective reflective uniforms,reflecting leisure wear, traffic police reflective clothing, sportswear, outdoor lightreflecting labor service, reflective clothing, construction industry reflective clothing etc..

Principle of reflective vests:

Reflective clothes reflecting part of micro diamond using lattice refracted and glass with high refractive index micro beads regression reflection principle, made by advanced technology focusing after treatment. It will be a distant direct lightreflected back to the light, no matter in the daytime or night has the good cunter reflection optical properties. Especially at night, to be able to play high visibilityas in the daytime. The use made of the high visibility reflective material safety clothing, whether the wearer is in the distant, or in the case of light or light scattering interference, can easily be night drivers found.

Emergence ofreflective materials successfully solved the "see" and "be seen" the night drivingproblem.

Application of reflective vests:

Suitable for road workers, transit highways department, road command staff,police, cleaners and so on, the high light to alarm the eye-catching effect, protect the safety of personnel.