Reflective webbing affects every aspect of our lives

Time:2020-03-28 06:03:01

Narrow fabrics are made of sand line and reflective hot film as raw materials. There are many types of reflective tape fabrics, which are widely used in clothing, footwear, luggage, industry, agriculture, quartermaster, transportation and other industries. Decorative effect, beautiful and generous;

Specification and supply form:

Width and color can be ordered according to customer's requirements. The length of each roll is 50 to 100M.

Reflective webbing is added with a reflective thermal film on the webbing. It is commonly used in the luggage industry. In recent years, it is used as a pet belt. Reflective webbing has also been used as an accessory for outdoor products. It plays a good high reflective warning role in outdoor activities. So that there is good visibility at night,

 Application of reflective webbing on pet belt:

Now people's living standards are constantly improving, pets become people's close friends, and small things are sometimes not obedient; therefore, they should be used in pet belts; pets can be taken out during evening walks. Safety is important. Use reflective pet belts; Visibility, play a safety alert role.

Application of reflective webbing on outdoor tents:

The safety buckle uses reflective webbing, which can be quickly found at night;