Storage, cutting and film sticking method of reflective film notes

Time:2020-02-12 12:00:00

Storage, cutting and film sticking method of reflective film notes

The reflecting film is mainly used for road traffic signs, safety signs, construction signs, advertising signs and other signs, signs and other fields.

A, storage

Reflective film should be stored in ventilated, dry, temperature of 18-24 DEG C, the relative humidity in the 30-50% room. Packaging box of flat on the tray or plate, not directly; the stacked layers not more than 5. Reflective film after the purchase, require the use of completed within a year.

Two, cutting

Open book or cutting work environment: reflective film at a temperature of 25 + - 3 DEG C, the relative humidity in the environment of 30-50% placed more than 24 hours, we can work. To ensure the task site and tools clean.

Cutting reflective film recommended operating personnel to wear silk or cotton gloves, so as not to damage or contamination of reflective film surface.

Reflective film trimmed to be placed on a flat, smooth on the platform, the platform area than the cutting reflective membrane area. If when not in use, should be a plastic bag and tie the bag, prevent moisture absorption. The same shape, same size film must be neatly stacked, control the stacking height of not more than 3cm, not any heavy pressure.

More than 3 meters in length, the larger the reflection film, should be tightly wrapped in paper tube (paper tube diameter is not less than 100mm), with three tape fixed vertically placed in plastic bracket, so as to avoid the "tunnel" phenomenon. Should be used as soon as possible after reflecting film is already open. Reflective film is not used, should be taut film edge to the original volume of paper tube, and fixed with adhesive tape in more than three places in the paper, the both ends of the tube installed plastic stent, sets a good plastic bags after back to the original carton. Can also be in the central wear iron bar reflective film paper tube, horizontal or vertical placement in special shelves in the plastic bracket. The prohibition of reflective film will not run out of the direct throw on the ground or leaning against the wall.

Three, film method

Material selection: aluminum or stainless steel plate affixed to the clean and even recommended by correctly processed on. Not recommended directly attached to the plastic, rubber, wood and other substrate surface. If you need to paste on the substrate of non aluminum or stainless steel, please users themselves to determine the application adaptability of the reflecting film.

Substrate processing: aluminum plate, stainless steel plate factory fresh, its surface is very smooth, not conducive to paste, the need to use 400-500 sandpaper grinding an arc direction. Before pasting, must be cleaned with degreasing solvent, and rinse with water, and drying treatment.